Our Mission

Latina Mom Collective was born out of a need to build a community for the next generation of Latina Moms, the newly crowned Señoras.

Latina Mom Collective now exists to serve the mothers who have been undervalued, marginalized, and misrepresented throughout our society. It is a safe space for Latinas to share our motherhood journeys while connecting through our language, culture and values.

Latina Moms are unique in that while our skin tones vary, our ancestral stories are nearly identical. We are the descendants of both the indigenous (even enslaved) in our home countries, but also the Spanish conquistadors who claimed what was our ancestors as their own. For some, our parents have been born here and so have we, for others we are breaking barriers as first-generation citizens of the United States. Either way, we are the next generation of Latina Moms.

The new Latina mom embraces the vibrancy of our culture while knowing that when we know better we do better – even if that means challenging the ways we were raised.

The new Latina mom works outside of the home with full-time childcare because our dreams and aspirations matter.

The new Latina mom is a stay-at-home mom choosing to homeschool her children.

The new Latina Mom will scroll through our posts and content and be able to see their story told every single day and because of that she will no longer question whether she deserves to take up space in the boardroom or at the co-op down the street.

The new Latina mom will see our posts and content and find a renewed passion and pride for who she is and where she’s come from and that will give her the foundation she needs to raise her family.