The school year is ending. I’m going to be honest, that’s a lot of work for me as a working mom, but even just as a mom. Mija, let me tell you, I dread the next season of motherhood, summer vacation. The expectations are high and the patience is low, so I’m preparing myself as best as I can and I would like to share it with you. Put yourself first and spend time on the emotional preparation we often forget to plan for while we get everyone’s summer camps sorted, beach trips planned, and the constant fun kids expect. I invite you to pause the logistical burden, take a deep breath and start picturing that vacation and what it might bring. Here is a list I reflected on after our Spring Break getaway. 

Welcome Help 

Our first vacation as a family of five with a 7-month-old was as expected – tiring for mamá. One morning I cooked and fed everyone breakfast and prepped my plate to eat with baby on my lap. My husband calls on our oldest and asks to hold the baby so I can enjoy my meal. I thought to myself, Enjoy my meal? We’re on a timeframe here, I just want to put something down the pipe to not be hangry later and also support my milk production.”

As a mom with a little one, you know eating often times has been recategorized as simple sustenance, to get everything else done, if it turns out pleasant great. I almost pushed back on the thoughtful gesture but was able to keep my thoughts behind my mouth and simply said, “Gracias.” Help looks different for everyone, but try to see your love ones’ intentions in the small and big gestures. And if it doesn’t actually help remember to welcome it and suggest what might be even better. See below. 

Ask for Help

Sure, we can try to do it all, but it doesn’t mean we have to do it all. Even the most minimal task can free us up to genuinely enjoy the moment. Here is the toughest part for me though: my way is not the only way. My way, is not the only way. Phew, even typing it feels difficult. Asking for help means putting a task off your mind for someone else to get it done, however they choose to do so. Ask them to look around and seek for ways to help, it’s summer and everyone can try something new to see what works. I’m starting this early and sharing chores that kids can help with to both lessen the load and give them something to do. Doing it all doesn’t make us stronger and asking for help doesn’t make us any weaker, it helps us to focus our energy on what’s best for us in the moment.

Be Present 

I’m one of those blessed humans who can turn off their brain as soon as my head hits the pillow. I attribute it to my mind constantly running to-do lists throughout the day. I treasure my sleep and use it wisely. During the day, however, every extra thought can get in and not at the best times.

Lately it tends to happen the most when our 6-year-old is re-telling one of his riveting stories or greatest ideas, and I feel terrible about it. It’s easier to happen when I’m trying to make sure everything happens according to plan or when I’m in a new place. I know multitasking can be the only way to get things done, but this summer plan to participate fully in more activities to also enjoy it and, as cliché as it sounds, live in the moment. Let go of the worries and give yourself a break from being the go-to-everything. When you start to drift off, mentally and purposefully pull yourself back, mija. Vacations with little ones don’t last forever, and it won’t be long when all your pre-teen wants is alone time to do their own stuff. It isn’t just me, right? 

Remember that Something is Going to Go Wrong – That’s Okay

Keeping this one short because that is it. Expect that something could go wrong, but rest on the comfort that you did everything you could to make things happen and move on. Let’s control what we can and let go of what we can’t. Move on to the next thing because that might be the only solution, get what you can learn from it and put it into perspective, because I’m sure it won’t be that bad.

We live for the glimpse of happiness where everything is just right, and the kids actually voice their appreciation for the hard work we put in to do something funMake sure you’re keeping yourself in check by joining the fun and not just worrying about creating it. I know I need these reminders to be my best self y disfrutar el momento!